Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reading and Writing for Legitimacy

I've always felt that reading is so essential to life. One learns from giving the mind an opportunity to absorb knowledge and to assimilate wise interpretative analysis of what is read. Thus, books have been a part of my life for as far as I can remember. I would image ennui to be an unwelcome nemesis to anythng of good bearing if this couldn't be definitive of all that is. I legitimize my existence by continually feeding my mental capacity and expanding my intelligence quotient. With this firmly in mind, I can honestly say that in life no matter what the circumstance, there comes a time where that very mind works overtime, and I want to continue retaining that which is memorable and tangent. The writer in me is strong. I'm rejuvenated to prevail and prosper by retrieving my proverbial pad , as words flow where critical thinking modules create opinionated views that are none but my own. I constantly challenge myself to be responsible and responsive to elements that define presence to elicit good comment, and to be adamant in what I believe in.

Conviction fortify logic when there's ample proof beyond reasonable doubt not to sway away from originality. This is where the creative spirit gains momentum and adrenalin is rushng to the fore to pronounce a new burst of energized effort, where all things literary makes me feel alive and worthy of my talent. Privileged and passioned, I write...and thirsting for knowledge, I read. It's when I combine the two that I'm focused and dangerous as the muse mingles with the magic of wit and wisdom -- real or imaginged! It's moments like this when I'm at my best, with pen in hand, literally.


Anonymous said...


Thanks again for including me in your circle of riends/associates. I feel privileged to be counted among them. As for your entries, the first regarding your friend Darlene. I can see why she felt touched because you expressed yourself eloquently, concisely and all who read it will feel that you are at peace and content within your world. I look forward to visiting Miami one day, I envy your paradise.

The second entry I read re: Reading and Writing..., I agree with your some of your thoughts reading is one of my favorite escapes along with music. It calms me and takes me away from whatever is troubling me like comfort food. LOL! Again you were eloquent and left your readers with something more to chew on. I think I know a bit more about you Romer. You are really quite talented and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, I mean that seriously. Both entries were very good and I look forward to more from you.



Alvin C. Romer said...

Thanks for your comments Rhonda.

Anonymous said...

As a young reader here was particularly grateful to have acquired the ability to do so. Often wondering how anyone could afford to miss out seeing with just a good book sitting in one place one could travel to many places outside country and continent and learn detailed geographical locations, history and cultures as well as unlearn misrepresented knowledge.

Writing, however, does not come easy as reading. This is where you come in with your masterpieces to embolden those of us who dream and desire to write but has not mustered enough courage and discipline to do so. This little write up is like a good manual reaching out to be embraced and nurtured into living color. Alvin, you have indeed colored you world. Here's hoping to have a peep into this world you have created for yourself.