Friday, August 14, 2009

What Lies Within the Souls of Men?

There will come a time in your life where you'd want to have questions answered about your man, father, brother, uncle, son, nephew, husband or friend. The subject is men and what is in their souls and minds that would tend to keep them silent in some cases and mysterious in ways that baffle the minds of those around them. Questions are always asked -- what lies in the souls of men? Love, laughter, heartache, and sorrow? Pride, fear, rage, and contentment? These questions aside, I contend that the soul of a man lies in his heart and in his inner being. Trials are measured and grounded by an inner sanctum that serves as a holding tank of ideas, feelings and thoughts. Real or imagined, they are the expectations gone awry, hopes and dreams that are nurtured with some sort of light at the end of tunnels.

From socio-economic barriers to racial tensions, from broken hearts, to new found faith experiences, the plight of man varies individually. There are many stories to tell and those still being told, and now cones a seminal anthology extolling all of the above by a few good men whose souls are bared. THE SOUL OF A MAN is the name, and in it are the wacky and weird situations are laid out in living color. Check out this book and be enlightened! 

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