Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Write In the Midst Of It All!

Despite the gloomy state of our economy we as professionals and others from different centers of influence will endeavor to do what we've always done. 'Tho I open collectively with this initial approach, I know that when I'm alone I will reflect on the times. It will hit home more astutely and force my hand. The intrinsic value will galvanize me and dictate my every move for empower and inspiration. My need for expressionism will extrapolate my angst for better longitude and latitude to live large, but I would be exonerated. 

But can I really escape...and if I could where would I go? Whom shall I seek, and what would be the final analysis? If and when I descend there await me will be my imagination and verve. I will take my pen, position my paper and assume the posture to persevere. In the midst of it all, I will write with renewed anticipation. I will dig deeper and draw near the fire and warm my soul for all that dwell within. I will summon the imagery and imagine with immodest zeal how I can be much more than status quo. I will write legibly and indelibly to be understood.

While waiting to exhale a bit I won't tarry, nor will I exhort unfavorably those that may disagree with me. I will resort to my 'to be read pile' and write to infinity. My writing will define and defend my motives and serve as my mentor. In the midst of it all I will continue talking to Him for guidance and support. My ink will dry as page-turning delight will also be apropos. Nothing will refute my understand that reading is paramount to a certain level of serenity in my solitude. If I should sign my name you will know who I am, and know that the "do not disturb sign" would have meaning. Yes, I'm indeed in the midst of it trying to assess the soul of a man!

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