Saturday, March 24, 2007

Will This be One the Major AA Stories of 2007?

I would imagine that the small executive airport in Opa-Locka (a small community North of Miami) will be jammed with people wanting to be part of history when Barrington Irving touches down after circling the globe solo - the first African American to do so! I will be there, and so will the boys I mentor. What better way than to serve notice to the youngster what it took, and how things can be done if you have and keep the faith. Perseverance notwithstanding, here's a young adult that endeavored to not be a statistic, one who had dreams and set goals for achieved success. He imagined and was inspired. I will want my kids to let this be a lesson to them. Notice the swagger and air of confidence he shows in this picture.

This is, and will be a positive role model to emulate. My greatest goal is to teach them to think on their feet, strive to be the best, and acquire enough self-esteem to be respected and get the job done. The journey is live, and the quest continues...

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Anonymous said...

That was indeed historic for black people and all young people throughout America to be proud of. I wish I was there to be part of it. Alvin, you doing a good thing with the boys. Keep it up, your efforts wont be in vain.