Saturday, March 24, 2007

Editing With A Purpose

The editing bug has bitten and its significance has left a permanent mark on my psyche and muse. I contemplated long and hard whether I wanted to extend my time, patience, and expertise to this phase of literary priority. I have been approached quite a few times in the past to do so but I always found some handy excuse to nix the idea. Well, here's a prime example of Providence being the force behind illumination and destiny. To date, I've edited three manuscripts that ultimately will be three of a multitude of published work by people of color in the industry.

I want to edit with a purpose and be stylistically true to the craft, and establish credibility.
How does that make me feel? I've come to realize that God has given and expanded a talent I have to share with others. I feel confident that I can shoulder the nuances that tend to color this realm of the territory without compromising good intent. Though I'm grateful and give Him all the glory, I humble myself in this regard to be in position to have others have discernment to make the right choice in me.

The joy I get from seeing my work being manifested to another level is proof of the confidence I have in myself to not allow arrogance to be the progenitor of me doing it on my own. My web presence and The
Romer Review is the seed that started it all, and through it I will continue my quest for a successful journey up literature's meandering rivers.

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