Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sharing the Muse

Today was a good one! Summer in the tropical bliss that is Miami gives new meaning to warmth, and an ideal setting to be just write. What good is it to go through life without sharing your views and writings with someone who is congenial, compatible and cognizant of what you stand for. I have an author friend who colors my world and give me insight and views of her panaromic passion for writing. We share long distance calls and e-mail, but retain affinity for close introspective musings.

I heard from her as she too, is basking in her version of idyllic paradise...she of the longing to be legitimately taken seriously, and to write without reprimand and without censure. Isn't this the very voice of most writers? There are many times when I want to trash deadlines, fire my editors, defy industry status quo, and just write to be right in my own idiosyncratic way. Then I think of my friend, so talented and taunting in her brazen way with words.....Thank you Darlene, for you are truly a blessing and Godsent!

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venitha said...

I stumbled across your blog today from the tropical (not so) bliss that is Singapore. Your lyrical prose is an appropriate end to my afternoon, as I just returned home from the Raffles Hotel, which in its day provided inspiration and an ideal setting for Somerset Maugham.