Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh, Katrina!

A woman's wrath borne with fury and unrelenting force was experienced in paradise. Vulnerable and caught unaware, we're now able to pull our drawers up and render a feeble smile. Her name was Katrina, and she came rushing in town with her eye bent on destruction without a care in the world. She found me in a melancholy mood, blue and bleary awaiting the angst and anticipated havoc that helps to embellish others like her with the same mindset. Who set her to flowing before she got to us?

Oh, Katrina, I knew your type. You were just another upstart female eager and willing to prove that you had status and belonged. I had no choice as I watched, waited, and wondered just how you would manage to add your name to the lore that is par for this region this time of the year. The wind and rain notwithstanding, I shook my head in disgust with the aftermath of your evident destructive path before my eyes. You turned roads to rivers and gave new meaning to up a creek without a paddle. Uprooted trees, flooded streets and homes, power lines crackling with live electricity for shock value, and chaos running amok -- that was you at your best, or worst depending to whom I talked to.

I saw lines of anger creased ever so deeply in the faces of people who are still shaking fists of anger at you. Yes, we're soaked, stunned and so sick of you Katrina. You've snuffed the life out of 7 people here in South Florida, left thousands homeless and without power, and we wonder as we wander -- is it justice or just us? Yes, you found me despondent and dejected, but not for long, and certainly without my pen...for I wrote you out of my mind and communed with my neighbors to rebuild. I didn't throw caution to the wind, but chalked it up to the fickle finger of fate.

Oh, Katrina...don't gloat as you should know that we are resilient and relentless to get paradise back. We curse you and are caustic to your uncaring ways, but we are learned and DO remember your cousin Andrew. Good riddance, you bearer of ill-wind and reigns of terror. I defy you and no worse for the wear, because Hurricanes like you always manage to die anyway!

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