Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Author's Story of Living A Psalm 118:17 Existence

Any epiphany worthy of due diligence is one that should have a message that can be emulated and given its proper place for better understanding. Anyone with the privilege of reading best-selling author Kendra Norman-Bellamy’s initial foray into inspirational nonfiction will hav no problem in educing how poignant her story is. I SHALL NOT DIE is much more than a surface adaptation of angst gone awry...rather, it’s a real-life ordeal that saw the emergence of a woman come of age and her determination to rise up and be a galvanized influence on her family based on her late husband’s decree. And what a story!

Reading this book, I couldn’t help but empathize with the surreal ramifications of dealing with the AIDS virus, and not because I happen to know the author on a personal stems from me having a member of my family succumbing to the malady, and understanding the real meaning of why she had to come forward. Moreover, it allowed me to dig deeper into my reserve and resolve and report to the general public how and why surface interpretation is not enough to understand what is needed to survive seemingly unsurmountable odds without faith initiatives. But this is the author’s story and she indeed goes deep to portray a man, his legacy and his affect on those that knew him best. It’s about an autobiographical sketch as a prelude to establishing an empowerment ministry, along with a window with a view. This indeed is an easy read, but profound with the message therein.

The author leaves nothing to bare and nothing unturned in depicting her journey. Thirteen intrusive chapters will allow readers a candid and gut-wrenching truth analogies on why it’s so important to at least get the truth about AIDS. I was asked after reading the book why I felt it was such a poignant and important read. I had no problems and illusions illustrating via my opinionated view that living testimonies are true testaments to how one can unlearn things that are so misunderstood in life, and why Jesus can make a difference when so much is shown why faith cannot be compromised. I loved this book for all of the emotion and truths that the author gave in baring her soul on issues that are often taboo when going deep into the pools of personal intimacy. What then are the messages the author wanted to convey?

Kendra Norman-Bellamy HAD to write this story. To wit: “Tests and trials are inevitable. The choice that each of us has to make is whether we will endure and believe God to deliver us...or if we’re just going to give under the pressure and die”, or this, “...although God is long-suffering, He wouldn’t let me get away with not fulfilling His purpose. There were hearts that needed healing, He said; minds that needed encouraging, and souls that needed saving. The were assigned to me, but the only way I would reach them is by way of obedience to write I Shall Not Die.”

And there you have it. Proof that this book -- the life and times of Jimmy Holmes, is the making of a woman, wife and mother in sharing and alluding graphically to the fact that there’s no need to die when there’s a purposeful reason for living. I recommend this book highly...and if you read no other this year, do yourself a favor and be enlightened by a true story destined to be the forerunner of more truths by this talented, gifted and blessed writer.

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