Thursday, December 21, 2006

Where I Need to Be

A child with potential and appeal at some point in their ambiance will stumble a little and perhaps falter in attempts to impress. They are prone to be apprehensive at times when the realization hits that they must go on. Recently, one of my mentees needed that extra encouraging word to continue as planned. It's the least I could do being in position to ease the butterflies floundering in her stomach, and anxiety rushing to add unwanted feelings of doubt. There's no greater joy in giving children their chance to shine, and to prepare them for the task of carrying on expectations for their generation as our leaders of tomorrow.

It's all about championing the cause of transitioning young boys to men, and young girls to the ladies that we adults cater to. As responsible men and women we should be on missions to see to it that we set the stage for good order. Our children need us in ways where effective leadership is measured by acts and deeds that would be right for them to follow. How often do we stop to ask ourselves -- "what do we have within ourselves for somebody else to benefit from?" Individually, it may be "How can I be a worthy role model for children to see me much more than an icon?" No easy task to tackle, or questions to be answered without closer inspection of self-worth as an advocacy for kids. To be worthy of talent that God has given us are to be thankful of gifts that are not ours to keep. It is this awareness that would force us to go much deeper within to adhere to giving something back.

Our children are embracing norms that do not do them good. Besides, if our communities continue to be disenfranchised and families within them are torn apart, is it any wonder that children of this generation are lost, and without discipline? Daily, the former and the latter gives credence to the ills that have defined problematic issues unique to, but not limited to something of this order that may be familiar to you. The family and community are always synonymous with each other, addressing a multitude of circumstances and misfortunes within our collective lives on raising children the right way, and for them to be able to look up to us for noted value.

I look at the lack of affordable housing, school systems that are undeserving, healthcare gone awry, rampant unemployment, decadent crime, and drugs so deep-seated in communities that it robs the citizenry of self-respect and estimable choices. I'm concerned and want to make a much so, that when I see a child needing me to give advice I do so without compromise. When I know that they could use consultation and consoling, I do so because they depend on my knowledge and expertise to latch onto a learning curve. I do so supremely because I want to know and understand the role of modeling for my community so children will know who I am. Be where you need to be -- embrace a child and be responsible!

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