Friday, August 11, 2006

Afrocentric Pride

Afrocentric Pride
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I was reminded recently how important it is to allow familial affinity to bring a sense of harmony in line with giving something back to the younger set. D'Jimon Romer, the handsome gent you see me holding never met anything or anyone that didn't suggest intrinsic value. Naturally inquisitive, Black History month a year ago found him in my company attending a lecture and Kwanzaa celebration. 'Giving something back' attributes to me making sure that this child knows the importance of having knowledge of ancestral contribution, culture awareness, and afrocentric pride.

Here's hoping that every father and son, uncle, nephew, brother, and grandfather realize that libation is poured to honor those before us who gave their idelogical whim and lives to make it better for us...the least we can do is to make all attempts to make sure that those after us have the same opportunity.

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